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About Us
Our Heritage Our initial experience with computers was gained during school days working with papertape input. One mistake and we had to write the whole program all over again!
Oh what an advance, Punch cards. Now we only needed to change the line of code (punch card) that was not correct. It was necessary to be economic with our code though. We only had 8k of memory and that had to include the operating system.
In those far off days we were lucky to get one program test per day. As a result we had to learn how to get the logic right before developing any lines of code.
This overall training still stands us in good stead today. 
What Next Working more in the not for profit sector. We are still open to commercial contracts although we tend to be taking a more altruistic approach to our customers and projects.
Development and maintenance of non-complex web sites for SME's and Charities. Development of apps for mobile devices with a specific goal of helping cancer patients and their carers.
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