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Products All of our solutions are affordable, easy to implement and focus on day to day business issues.
TBF CRM captures a history of contact details for both existing and prospective customers.
The details stored include brief summaries, full descriptions, links to external files, and copies of emails. A To Do List shows all incomplete Activities. This refreshes automatically every five minutes.
Users can enter their own values to "categorize" the Company, Contact and Activity details. These values are held in drop-lists to ensure consistency and are used by the built-in Intelligent Search engine.
The search facilities are both simple to use and comprehensive in their coverage. The intelligent search embraces AND plus OR relationships, exclusion (NOT) matches, and automatically searches across all data types (Company, Individual or Contact, and Activity details). This Intelligent Search allows for multiple searches that operate on the results of the previous search. In addition, specific searches on any field are also supported.
The location of a company can be viewed in Google Maps by double-clicking the Post Code.
Telephone Calls can be made through Skype by double-clicking a telephone number.
Double-clicking an email address opens the Users preferred email client.
Any URL can be opened in a Web Browser - highlight the URL, right-click and select Open URL.
Integration with smartphones can be achieved by Synchronizing with Google or MS Outlook.
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Have you ever wanted a hard copy image of the content of a Windows Directory?
This freeware utility is your answer. Simply navigate to the required directory and select your option.
Directories are displayed in two panes just like Windows Explorer. The printed editions include connectors so that you can easily identify the parent-child relationships.
When viewing the directory structures on screen you can double-click a filename in order to launch it using its associated application. For example an HTML file may be viewed by displaying it in Internet Explorer.
This is an excellent utility for producing a listing of the music and picture files on your your computer.
You may also search for a file using a full or partial name.
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This application is designed to enable you to find files stored in your computer. It is particularly usefull for finding images.
Combined with the integrated Search Engine this utility becomes a powerful tool for organising your music files. Avoid duplication. Improve cataloguing. Maximise available disk space.
It enables you to enter complex search criteria. These criteria are then used to scan the Path, Title, Collection and Description fields stored against each file. Dates can also be searched.
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Use this utilty to look inside your databases.
As long as you have the details to Log In to the database you will be able to see the tables that exist in the database, the structure of the columns in each table and the data that exists in each table. When viewing the data in a table you can sort the data using any chosen column and you can export the data to MS Excel. You can research different types of databases namely MS Access, SQL Server, SQL Azure and MySQL.
This utility provides quick access to your data in a secure environment. You can export the data and manipulate it in MS Excel but you cannot corrupt the data in the live database.
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